Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Do It ALL

Just a heads up, you cannot do it all, not possible, so don't even try. What you can do though, is calm your nervous and learn how to say no . . . I'm still working on that last one ( here's looking at you volunteer track season)

Now a major motion picture, I didn't have enough time to go see it though

  1. Make people give you deadlines, and then sometimes subscribe to the mantra, " My best work happens in the last minute"!
  2. Prioritize, everything cannot possibly be due on the same day AND if it is, then start saying "no". 
  3. Have your students grab a red pen and do some grading! Especially you English teachers, seriously grading essay's is a mountain, students doing some grading is a quicker way to kill the beast in the valley. 
  4. Don't expect perfection, aim for it, but be willing to settle for your best or even your "I'm still learning". 
  5. NETWORK, and that includes google ( my best lesson plan game from google, thank you NC) , Other teachers have so many resources that save you time and even more time. 
Most important: If you wake-up with jolt in the middle of the night because the nightmare you were having involved the problem kid, an evaluation and a flopped lesson all in the same day then you need to take a mental health day. Sunday night shakes is normal, but mass consumption of your profession will quickly eat away at your love of teaching before you reach spring break. Just call in sick, sleep, read you favorite book, go to a movie or achieve all those doctors appointments you've been putting off. 

Just take a day off, old school style. 

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