Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Play the Video Game, Read a Book . . . Please, Oh Please

So a week before spring break I talked about books to start your children out reading. Now we're at the stage where you can tell a fire is growing, but don't know where to direct it or you can tell the fire is dwindling and are in search for some fuel ( sorry about the metaphor, but I am an English teacher). 

This kid is hilarious, my whole family adores these books (as in parents and siblings because I don't have my own kids or husband yet). And the narrator is the same age as your kid, so they're going through the same things at the same time. 

"Yo'or a wi'zard H'ry". Enough said. But seriously, I grew up with Harry, and cried at the end of the seventh book because it was over ( I still haven't seen part 2 of the last movie, I just can't say goodbye). 

Anything, she writes your daughter will love, the first two series above are friendly to all genders, but she focus's on young ladies and only features strong relatable protagonist. 

This is the book that introduced me into classics. I love the quiet language and stories in this book- every character is written so well and with such love. 

Please note that this post is geared towards kids ages 8-14, the next step is young adult a genre that I love so dearly and might flow into more than one post.

If you have any other suggestions for this age group please let me know, I would love the insight. 


  1. I ADORE the Princess Diaries Series. I read them up through college (shame). But Meg Cabot is seriously great AND had adult books, too :)

    1. One of my favorites is by her and I still read it once a year. I actually just finished one of her adult novels and it was pretty funny.