Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travelers Inquir Within

Just a few questions, that I'd love to discuss and frequently come up during discussion with us expats who are not only living abroad, but traveling as often as possible . . .

Quality or Quantity:

What works better short trips that allow you to see the views or long trips that allow you to walk the streets and unbeaten path?

Tourist Takedown or Local Living

See all the main attractions mentioned in all the travel guide books or sip tea at a coffee shop in a neighborhood few tourist ever go to and chat with a local whose history could run just a deep as any archeological site?

Cozy on the Couch or Hotel Hospitality

Should you rent a place with a local, crashing on someone couch possible or take refuge in a hotel with guaranteed amenities every weary traveler needs?

Eat Everything or Chef Choice

Do you eat the street food, charge in to every hidden eatery ready to devour all food or go to the nice restaurant with the cuisine fit for a king?

How do you like to travel, move through cultures in the most comfortable manner that suits your soul? Discuss freely in the comments or move the topic to your own blog with a link posted in the comments. I'm interested! I'll be posting my own replies to these questions next week so come on back, ya hear.

Until Next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be blessed . . .


  1. I'll do hostels (or did do) but wouldn't most likely stay on a couch. Especially as a female. I think time is of the essence and who can afford to see each country at leisure? I mean, if you have the time then sure, but realistically time is of the essence. I try to eat at one nice play while in a country but mostly search for dives and eat street food. :)
    What about you? You didn't answer these!

  2. *place

    And I hit most tourist attractions. There is a reason they're famous. When at local eateries off the beaten path I visit with locals and I love to visit a church in whatever country I'm in. I've been invited into homes from new church friends and met some great people (never go alone though- of course).

    1. I've never thought about visiting a church on my own because I'm usually visiting with a mission group or in city where a church is a tourist attractions, but there is a large difference between visiting and attending- I'll have to try in the future.