Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Just Want Your . . . KISS.

Everyone couple has a first kiss. But then there's your first kiss and your last first kiss. While different equally electrifying.
 I actually witnessed one of my closest female friends partake in her first kiss ever as an adult in college and it was so interesting to see the tension and immediate relaxation of the moment. She walked right across the room, stood toe to toe with the guy, held his face and kissed him. 
 Nobody is a fool, we know when it's about to happen. It's such and intense occasion and state of mind that I'm pretty sure this commercial from Lacoste is the only visual equivalent I've ever witnessed outside of actually witnessing that moment . . .

I have no clue why, but I always bust out laughing when he looks around in panic and then she looks at him as if he's crazy then quickly understands where his crazy is about to lead him and just waits.
 If the over dramatic rush of the moment is not your thing. What about the melodramatic?
The following video is all about the moment leading up to the kiss, but without any special effects or decorations. Each couple is placed on a blank black and white set, the director never said action or cut because she just wanted to capture their moment. The video has received about 65 million views and you've probably seen it floating around your social media. When it was sent to me, I watched it the first time entranced with the build-up, conversation and then freedom.
The catch is that the couples are made up of twenty strangers pulled off the street, meeting for the first time- honestly, if it weren't for the introduction I would think these kisses were a long time coming . . .
So much giggling! I absolutely love the woman who admitted it was a good kiss afterwards, no shame in her game. And the guy whose first contact with his lady partner, little miss with the "Heidi braids", was to reach for her hands to caress and hold them, how intimate.
But that sweet gentleman who confessed he just wanted to hug his partner after their innocent kiss.
Although, I'm pretty sure one woman pulled away AND did you see that lip bite from homeboy in the sports coat, hey now bud!
The second time I watched this, cause of course I've watched it more than once, I watched without volume and without the handshakes you would think these were long-time couples being interviewed about how much they just can't get enough of their significant other.
Here's to kisses hello, goodbye, good morning, and goodnight. To kisses that make you smile and soothe your tears. May you kiss your love often and always, starting as soon as you can!
Until Next Time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, and Be Blessed . . .

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