Friday, March 21, 2014

Life in Spain: It Has Been Fun, Real Fun

Y'all, I cannot tell you the goodness of being home. To say having a Champagne bottle ring my bell was the worst thing to ever happen to me would be a complete lie. I was in a panic coming back for no reason, blessing are flowing and everything is coming up "D"!
But while I'm adjusting and sorting out home, I'm going to be publishing a few blogs looking back to Spain and my life there. I hope you'll take these, "Life in Spain" post as the perfect time to ask any questions or concerns if you're looking to head down the same path. Or if you're just curious, simple post in the comments or send an e-mail, we'll talk.
To start off the "Life in Spain" series, let's take a look at some photos you've never seen. From start to finish . . .
My First Day, Madrid Streets, August 2013
First Spanish Breakfast, Seville, September 2013

Rooftop Concert, Cathedral at Night, Sevilla, September 2013 
Home Sweet Jaen, Day 1, September 2013
Daily Walk to Work, Baeza 2013-2014
First After Lunch Shot, Baeza, October 2013
Cold Morning Walks to School, Baeza, January 2014

Friend Sunday Dinners, Learning to Make Sushi, Jaen, January 2014
The Sunset on a Weekend Trip to Cabera, Jaen, February 2014

Weekend of Friends, Jaen, February 2013

My Discovery of Gofres  Two Weeks Before Leaving, Jaen, February 2014

My Last Spanish Breakfast, Baeza, February 2014

A Goodbye Shot, Mines Grape Juice, Jaen, March 2014

Sister Selfi in Rome, My Goodbye Family Trip, March 2014

It's been fun, I mean a top time and I look forward to looking back with each and everyone of you sweet folks.
Until Next Time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, and Be Blessed  . . . 


  1. I'm so glad I searched CIEE and found your blog. I look forward to reading more about your experiences. The pics you shared are lovely. I've read older posts and I think you are a great writer. Very intuitive.

    I just turned 28 and have a severe case of wanderlust. I'm going to start grad school next year but wanted to do something epic! However, I feel like I should be focused on usual 20-something's issues...i.e, trying to date & get married, buy a home, have kids and be career driven. I really want to live in another country sometime in my life and I feel this is the best time. I just think my parents would see me as basketcase for choosing to teach abroad. I have to figure this out lol

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!!

    1. Hey you're one of many who have asked me those questions, questions I asked myself before leaving. Which is why my first Life in Spain will be looking towards each and everyone of your questions. Check it out next Tuesday, if it doesn't help feel free to e-mail me!

    2. Bless you chica. I look fowards to it! :)

  2. How awesome! I love these pics and seeing your life in this way! Do you already wish you had blogged different details? I wish I had blogged each of my apartments, favorite cafes etc.. Oh wait..I wish I had BLOGGED at all! I didn't know they existed! :)