Friday, February 21, 2014

Expat Blogger Challenge: Day 21

Day 21:

Taste Like Home

I don't even play this game. This is the downward spiral of thinking how many unsanitary items you touch in one day. It will only harm the mind and spirit.
What I will tell you is the top five places I'm going to become a constant regular at when I return home, in no particular order:
My Grandmother's kitchen.
 To eat well and to learn. In a culture where eating out means small portion tapas typically or cooking at home I've been enjoying learning how much I like the process of creating a meal. Who better to learn from than my Nini!
A quick whip-up from my Nini!
Five Guys Burger.
 A real burger. A malt with a burger.
Chica- fi-la.
It's been so long I'm not even sure if I spelled it correctly and I'm so scared to Google the information then find myself drooling at a picture of those crispy nuggets.
My Dad's Meatloaf.
 I'll be learning this recipe also and then devouring it often. He makes it every birthday dinner and I eat the majority every birthday dinner. The poor guy always finds something wrong with the dish that he'll have to change next time, and if he keeps thinking this we're going to have to have his head examined.
My other grandmothers peach cobbler.
My family of fools. This lady is old school and didn't write down her recipes. Her recipe for her Peach Cobbler that caused a many of odd knowledge about my cousins and odd fights too- corner pieces are worth teeth marks in my shoulder for weeks and I'll stand by that until I die.
 Sadly, this sweet Texas-flower has suffered some old age memory lose and not a soul knows the recipe, but this summer while crashing at my parents again I plan to visit her often for story time. Hopefully one of those stories will even include the baking process of her peach cobbler that has caused an adult male to carry around a bowl full of the gooey dish for hours until his stomach had made room for more goodness.

Dear reader what are the foods that get your mouth watering and your soul in a mood for a feast. I love hearing about the comfort foods of others- please share.
 Remember if you want to participate in the blogger challenge feel free to answer in the comments or leave a link for your blog.
Until Next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed . . .

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