Sunday, February 2, 2014

Expat Blogger Challenge . . . Let the Games Begin

The word "Expat" is an abbreviation for the word Expatriate. The definition for the word:
noun: expatriate; plural noun: expatriates
  1. 1.
    a person who lives outside their native country.
    "American expatriates in London"
adjective: expatriate
  1. 1.
    (of a person) living outside their native country.
    "expatriate writers and artists"
    synonyms:emigrant, living abroad, nonnative, foreign, émigré; More
    "expatriate workers"
    antonyms:indigenous, native
    • archaic
      expelled from one's native country.
verb: expatriate; 3rd person present: expatriates; past tense: expatriated; past participle: expatriated; gerund or present participle: expatriating
  1. 1.
    settle oneself abroad.
    "candidates should be willing to expatriate"
For the next month, the entire month of February , each and every single day I will be blogging about this here Expatriate life under a microscope.
 Below I'll include links to the daily blogs along with their topics, so you can pick and choose. I've also included a photo of the calendar for you snapshot folks and links to the Lady whose idea this writing frenzy belongs along with two of my fellow Spanish Language Assistants Holly and Madelyne who are also participating.
If you are a fellow expat wanting to join in feel free to do so and please post a link to your blog in the comments. So many experiences and different people blogging about the same topic for 28 days straight.
It could get interesting, I hope you'll follow along, you may learn some things about The Teacher.
Until Next Time, Hasta Pronto, Adios, Be Blessed . . .  
*Disclamer: I only found out about this Challenge today please allow me a week to catch up on the previously written blog challenges.
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Blogger Challenge Daily Blog Links
Days 1-8
Day 9
Day 16
Day 17
Day 19
Day 21



  1. What a fun idea! I love things like this... that's why we chose to study English of course. I wish I had a blog of my ramblings overseas. Can't wait to follow along.

    1. You should do one for Mamas or Teachers. I just checked into your blog and it looks as if you've started one on your own!

  2. We await your posts! This blog refreshing

    1. Thanks, I'm getting started and will keep them coming!