Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Hunt Is ON

It's that time of year were you just have to start looking towards the future and what's to come after life in Spain. For many that means returning next year, for some that is Graduate school and for others it means job hunting.
I fall in the last category and honestly I am beyond excited about the possibilities to come when I return to the United States OR possibly an overseas position.
Just as with any situation that requires decisions and forward movement tons of action is happening all at once and your mental capacity is a roller coaster between a state of emergency and deep depression. Since, I know were I'm headed with my career in education and that arriving to that destination will not happen overnight I'm applying for jobs that provided me with the experience, foundation, and network that will aide me in my future endeavors.
 Being as the job needs to provide me with all these assets I know I will be there for some years and the location is important. Although, I enjoyed eating to my hearts desire in Fort Worth, there was a factor that was always wrong, just a bit off. So where ever I should end up I need to enjoy the atmosphere along with all the good eats.
Although, I should be stressing at a high degree due to an experience that began around mid-October and just recently ended I am now more prepared than ever.

The Job Opportunity of a Life Time

Who, What, When, Where, and Why:

The job was a Coordinator at my Alma Mater for the Cultural Center on campus.

  • I applied in October and did not receive my rejection until this past week.
  • This would have planted me firmly back in West Texas, a place I love and am always able to eat well while residing. Not too mention the majority of my family being in the area.
  • For my final career goal this job would have been great in reaching all and establishing myself.
  • Considering the amount of references directly connected to the University and the fact that one of the folks on the hiring committee is an old friend of the family, I just knew I was a shoo in.
  • The cost of living in the West Texas is great, and I have some not so great student loans.
  • I would still be working in an environment aiding students to reach their personal and academic goals.

What Did I Learn, Honestly:

1.) References and Connections mean nothing.
  •  Hard work and proven success do and they go along way.
  •  I have no desire to depend on others qualifications in order to make up for my lack of qualifications.
2.) Under Qualified, Qualified, or Over Qualified Makes No Difference, Only Passion
  • I will always take the chance and reach higher than I "should" because when I'm passionate about something I can move mountains.
  • You never know who is reading your resume and in the mood to take a chance
  • If I'm not passionate then I will be unhappy and not as productive which is unfair to the company and myself.
3.) Stop. Breath. And Stop Listening to Others
  • When this opportunity knocked everyone had an opinion, but the only person who knows my overall career goal, my father, and he's the only one who didn't offer an opinion.
    • He may not remember me telling him after all, if I was driving or he was watching football it's highly likely he does not remember.
  • Some people will rain on your parade and instead of throwing up an umbrella and chunking the deuces its pretty easy to wallow with them, but that's just not helpful.
  • Fear unfortunately is a leading factor in decision making and that is never acceptable- nerves yeah, fear nuh-uh.

How'd It All Go Down:

E-mails, details, and information galore were passed back in forth- a lot of e-mails and phone calls on my end. During the first round of interviews that I did not make I was offered a position in a different office as the secretary of the person whose position was similar to the one I had applied to, but at the hospital.
 I declined the position because it was not what I felt was best for me (please refer to section 3 in the second category if you disagree with this decision). After, that I was not in contact with the University except for them informing of the position being closed.
I can only take away goodness from the experience and thankfulness for so many who believe in the person I am and person I'm working towards becoming.

Moving On . . .

Now it's application time and in case I do not have a position to head back to when I arrive home mid-June, I'm planning to teach Summer School for some much needed extra cash, but prayers willing come July the next chapter is starting.
Along with the newly earned lessons from 2013 and my previous occupation, I always keep in mind that it takes around 100 applications to start receiving response AND to stay organized with the application details for each job.
I'm actually looking forward to the hunt and am excited to see where it leads me in the future! Any advice or tips or positions (hey you never know) you'd care to suggest dear adventurous reader let me know.
Until Next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed . . .

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  1. I'm sorry Dev'n. The last picture is exactly right... success isn't a straight course! Keep us udpated.