Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy, Happy New Year!

Y'all it's that time of year again, we're all geared up and revving towards all the great possibilities that come with the beginning of a new year. New travels, new jobs, new loves, and possibly new babies, the newness is endless. I hope you are basking in all that is to come, but don't forget to grow from the old and cherish what once was because without it you would not be looking at all the new possibilities.
In tradition of the Off I Go blog post featuring some of the most popular travel quotes circling the web at this time I'm going to do the same for all the New Year goodness . . .

Did any of you adventurous readers make a few new years resolutions or is that now for the birds, let me know why or why not in the comments. I personally have a few goals, but moving to Spain came with it's own set of goals ( learn Spanish, Workout) and they are taking up plenty of my effort.
I wish each and everyone of you folks a blessed year ahead filled with laughter, love and more happiness than you ever expected.
Until next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, and Be Blessed . . .


  1. I looooovve your blog and so happy I found it! You are living the life i dream of! Im 27 and plan to teach in Spain after I finish grad school. I went to Granada and Seville in 2012 and I fell in love with the country and I vowed to go back to live because 2 weeks wasn't enough. I hope you dont mind me asking for tips! Do you think the program would be a good fit for someone in their late 20s, knows Spanish at intermediate level, female and black. Thanks chica!!!!

    1. Toi,
      Glad you like the words you're reading- I'm always wondering if people are on the other end.
      This program only requires that your spirit be willing to change, to have an adventure. I know people in the program in their 50s, married couples, engaged couples and couples playing house. Everyone comes for different reasons and enjoys for different reason, but the adventurous spirit is the one thing we all have in common. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions.
      Also not sure when you graduate, but if you are planning to do this program through the Spanish government this upcoming August you need to apply this minute (this is not a drill, the exact minute) so that you can get a good number for actually being placed. If you intend to do apply through CIEE then start gathering you documents now and know the deadline is in March. Remember Spain's money is going through changes right now and just because there are plenty of positions one year doesn't mean the same for the following year. Good Luck!