Sunday, February 9, 2014

Expat Blogger Challenge: Day 9

Topic: "Expat Syndrome" is a condition whereby many expatriates see mostly either the best of their own nationality and the worst of the locals, or the opposite." - T. Crossley

Honestly, I cannot help, but think that this is the easiest mind frame to maintain when living in a different country. Remember the three definitions provided when introducing this here Blogger Challenge, the word "immigrant" was used.
 A natural process that goes along with being an immigrant is "assimilation" and in the process of assimilating to your new country it is natural to compare and contrast.

Finding the differences of each country is a natural thought process, but at some point a person must move forward from comparing and understand that the differences are what make cultures their own. The differences are tied to the history and the landscape, to the people's belief system and without them the geography would be different, but your new place would be just the same as the old.

A long winded analogy ( oh my this is actually a completely different literary element that I cannot remember at this time that answers to the definition: An extended analogy. Someone please help this English Major and Educator out with the answer, please):

Moving to a different country is the start of a new relationship and at first it's natural to compare the new to the old, but after some time you start to realize the comparison is only harming the new relationship and all that you could be enjoying from the experience. So then you simply let go of the past, not forget, but place in your mind attic to reach for in the form of memories.
 Occasionally you bring up the past relationship in times of frustration, but then you quickly realize this is helping none and move forward with a non-judgmental solution.
And just as many real life relationships end because wants, needs and expectations are not being met so can a persons time of living in a different country than their native land.
 But it's important to make sure the time ends not because the current could not compare to the past, but because the current is not what you need at the moment. What is that phrase people often say when referencing grass that has grown old, "Comparison is the theft of joy", remember this travel friends, remember this well.

Travel buddies, what is your opinion, do you agree with me or disagree? Or maybe you have  a more personal experience to convey and less broad? Share away, whether in the comments or with a link to your own blog.
Until Next Time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed . . .


  1. I've taken my English teacher hat off! So I'm not help. ;) It sounds good to me. At first home was perfect and I missed it but soon the rose color glasses faded and I was left with loving a place too much and having to leave it.

  2. As I was writing that I just knew you would be my saving grace, ha!