Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Expat Blogger Challenge: Day 16

Let's Just Pretend I didn't Miss 7 Days.

Right just as it says in the title, I'm going to pretend I didn't miss seven days straight ( even though I did run around with my camera like a turkey taking photos for last Monday's topic.)  Moving forward . . . . . .

Day 16:   “It is a bitter-sweet thing, knowing two cultures. Once you leave your birthplace nothing is ever the same.” ― Sarah Turnbull

Again, I related to this quote as a mover. I know that some folks spend there entire lives in the same city. I'm close friends with a young lady in Texas who has only ever lived in the same metropolis, traveling often to other states, but maintaining the same area code for home her entire 36 years of life. Or, I've even met people living abroad with whom this particular living situation never occurred before and have only lived at home and away at university. Then there's me, I've moved more times that I've told people the phrase, "I moved a lot growing up". My dad is a coach and  my mom is an administrator they both have this ability to rebuild suffering schools and people caught on to that early.
This moving often resulted in me living in every region of Texas, but the Corpus Christie area. If you consider that the country of Spain fits inside the state of Texas you can then maybe understand better the notion that every region of Texas has it's own culture, accents, food, names, phrases and traditions.
 Don't believe ask someone from the Brazos area to throw a crawdad boil for someone from West Texas and play only Zydeco music the majority of the time. Your beloved West Texas pal will spend the majority of the time perplexed over the cooking process and ziesty music and why exactly this Brazos person sound so similar to someone from Louisiana. The comparisons are never ending. Growing up adjusting, living and socializing all over this great landscape of Texas has taught me more things than the times I've moved.
When people ask where my home is, I always respond that my home is where my loved ones reside. Whether that be beside me, two towns over or across the pond the people who hold my heart iare exactly where you can find my home. Because of this idea my home is always growing, changing, and adding new places to call home. So no I do not consider leaving my birthplace bitter sweet, only sweet. Sweet like a mothers milk, wrapped in comfort and nutrition to the soul.

Dear travels how do you relate to this quote, does it speak to you in a way that I could never understand. Just provide a link to your blog and answer in the comments section, I am truly interested.

Until next time, Hasta Pronto, Adios, Be Blessed . . .

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