Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spotted: A Heard of Americans in Seville

Honestly, from what I've heard we're a pretty small group compared to some of the other orientation groups. I'm not going to talk about CIEE in this post, I'm going to provide that evaluation after I've completed the entire 9 months. What I am going to talk about is my favorite part of orientation week . . .Meeting all my fellow teachers!

 Y'all it's a little like College Orientation week only we're adults now and personalities have developed with life. I truly enjoyed meeting every single person and just knowing that there are others in the same situation helps moving forward from Sevilla easier.
I was able to get to know the wonderful group of ladies who will be living and teaching in the Jaen providence also, and although we are dispersed we all have plans to meet up often. I even found two roommates out of the group! So fun, and so looking forward to all the laughter we'll have while experiencing life in Jaen. The first week was a lot of walking, seriously my feet have been through the fire and will never be the same. I'm of the mind frame that while we American women are freaking out how the Spanish women walk around in these heels with no care that the Spanish women have no care because the heels usually have thick soles which my offer some comfort- the jury is still out on that one though.
The Real Alcazar . . . this place has some history.
 Seville heat is nothing compared to Texas hit, no argument. But Walking long distances ( clocking those miles) in this heat is a different story. Like I said I'm from Texas, we do not walk- anywhere. We have large garages so all cars can be kept in the shade and arriving to those cars is less strenuous on the sweat glands. Seriously, there's a truck named after a ranch in Texas the size of a substantial city. WE DO NOT WALK. But Sevillinos do, they walk everywhere, in full suits, with jackets and scarfs on like the Devil is not throwing a shower for the new heat wave he's prepared. After awhile you adjust, and start enjoying Tapas, Sangria, and all the beautiful architecture.

 We were able to take a tour of the Real Alcazar- amazing site with a great history and beautiful, luxurious gardens. On everyone's own time a visit to Plaza de Espana was a must. The Plaza is a wonderful gathering place attached to some great gardens, with paddle boats and a tile picture of every providence in AndalucĂ­a.
Plaza de Espana a must see on any visit to Espana.


Until next time Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed . . . 

The thing is while we are walking mile, after mile we are having these great conversations. Conversations that at first start with the basic questions: Where are you from, Why are you here, Where will you be teaching, Do you want to go shopping, Sangria or Tinto de Verano- while each question is important in getting to know a person it's just the beginning in forming a friendship. Friendships that I look forward to lasting well past my nine months in Spain.


  1. What is tinto de verano? Enjoy the many miles you will log in the next nine months. You'll miss it for years. :)

    1. Tinto de Verano is red wine mixed with 7even Up (most times), it's not as strong as red wine or sangria to me and pretty tasty.