Saturday, September 21, 2013

Music For the Road

The other day someone mentioned being able to connect to Spotify and listen to their tunes from home. This then divulged into a lengthy conversation of all the memories attached to music- the songs we love, the songs we dance to, the songs we hate, but can sing along to perfectly. And often the songs we find ourselves too emotional for words while listening to every syllable as if it is our last connection to the dust in the corners of our homes that we forget about until we move never to return.

What you don't wear your gafas to concerts, trust me the last thing I needed to worry about was taking out contacts come bedtime.
That last set of songs are the ones you start craving when all comforts have been exchanged for adventure, suitcases and a new face around every corner. Once you install your Tunnel Bear or find Hola Unlock and can access the joy that is your digital collection of music from the first time you were listening to a song and then stopped to really listen. Then replayed the song again trying to figure out what was different that time around, but you can never have that moment back. You can only have the memory- which is great for times in your live when memories are all you can really carry because of the time difference, or faulty technology, or no privacy to really just hold a conversation with your "talk for hours without a second thought" person.

While, I'm definitely excited to have all of my Spotify playlist and the playlist of my friends back in my life, for some reason I keep returning to the same artist over and over. Listening to his select few songs and enjoying the memories.

While the rumors are true and this is possibly one of the hardest working musicians in Texas, people enjoy him because he's got stories and he likes to tell them through his music and while he's knocking back that "on the house" shot in between songs.

The majority of my readers will have never heard of him, he's no Prince style musical innovator or JT making women of all ages swoon, but if I was to hear his voice playing over a speaker anywhere in the world I would stop and listen. Then stay a little while afterwards to savor the richness of everything he put into that one song. If you are located in Texas go to his website, find the closest show to you ( any driving under 10 hours will be worth the night) and have a good time!
Ladies and Gentleman without further, lengthy introduction I present to you Mr. Josh Weathers:
Mr. Weathers feelin' good. @Jeff Prince
It was a good night, er day.

I hope you clicked on those links and didn't pull the whole, "what I have to follow a link" technology baby pout. If you did sad day, you missed out. If you didn't have a great day humming those tunes!

Until next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed . . .

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