Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sevilla: Well That Was Quick

Roomie Photo Op one, checkout that background.
Seriously, those two weeks flew by with a flash. Weelll, everything except the constant walk from Triana to Centro In total guaranteed I could clock 3 miles a day simply walking. After our wonderful orientation week of making friends and figuring out "The Siesta" we were pushed from the nest and made to fly.

We like to coordinate.
There is a lot to be said for living with someone else's Grandmother for two weeks after having not share my place since sophomore year of college. She was 62 years of energy and was in constant bafflement of how little I eat, but how much I sleep. What ever the awkwardness or culture clash that can be said for living in someone else's house in a new country, me and my Senora ended on a great note!

Cabra with my Senora.
Actually everything ended on a great note, despite that fact that often I felt like I was just going through the motions ready at all times to be in my bed in my permenant city for the next nine months.
As I mentioned earlier the friends I made and people I was able to spend time with was hands down the best part. A constant flow of invites to go here or meet someone there and even the folks in my Spanish class are characters that I hope to always remember. Guys there is absolutely no way I could list for you everything we did or saw, but I can provide some awesome photos from the few times we remembered to document the moment ( maybe me and my amigos can be in the next Iphone Camera commercial) with my typical sarcastic comments.

Plaza de Hercules was my kind of place

When you stumble upon a Texas themed bar with your friend from Texas at 4a, you have fun.
Get your guns up, cause there's a Fox on the field and he knows how to win!

Rooftop concert directly across from the Catedral y Giralda.

Chocolate y Chorros con mi amigos de clase.
 Obviously, it was fun! I learned some Spanish, met some great folks and started this Spanish Adventure off on the right foot. Now, I'm headed to my final destination: Jaen, Jaen! And all of my new friends are headed to their own homes, I'm sure we'll keep in touch and I look forward to the days to come.

Until next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed . . .


  1. My name is Talika and I wanted to know what level of Spanish are you at? Does the program you are in require fluency? thanks a bunch

  2. Talika, I apologize for the delay, but just for you here's a blog post that may help, Tu Habla Espanol, AND no fluency is not a requirement