Sunday, September 1, 2013

Off I Go!

So as of tomorrow, I'm will no longer reside in the United States of America. Whoohoo! I'm off you guys to start this Adventure- first stop Madrid.

To tie you over lovely folks until my return I'm sharing a barrage of wonderful travel quotes that for my personal experiences sum up everything I've ever wanted to say.

 Feel free to add your own favorite quotes in the comments section below- that would be a very nice welcome back!

 Until next time . . . Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed.


  1. How fun and exciting! Travelling is my favorite. Quite literally. I love the thrill of it all- the airports, taxis, etc. Write often (even your own private journal). You'll cherish it some day.

  2. Mrs. Reed,
    I'm writing you back this weekend! Thanks for all the advice!