Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life in Abroad: Programs to Get You There

First off, excuse the absences, I'm in the middle of a pretty intense job hunt process that I'm giving my all for; which means I've got very little left over after substitute teaching all day.
BUT, I didn't forget about you guys, how could I honestly.
Soooo, how in the world do you get from reading this post to sitting in a café abroad? There are more options out there than you'd believe AND definitely more than I'm going to give you in this post.
Just know, you can go whether you are a teacher or not, even when applying for teaching programs. If you are a teacher and TEFL certified or IB certified then you can actually search for schools who are looking for teachers from all backgrounds. Usually IB schools or private schools abroad. I've said it before and I'll say it again answering the call of education means you get to share in the growth of students anywhere in the world.
Now for the programs . . .

Options for Teaching Abroad

Teach school or professional
Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam
Must have taken Spanish Courses, Cost at least $1,000, Offers many aides once in country such as week logging while you search for a permanent location.
Madrid, Partners with Catholic Private Schools
Must interview in Spanish
Teaching more than the average Language Assistant at 18hrs a week ( still not to shabby)
In Country Ministries:
In every country ( if you are in Europe check out the American program)
Requires the highest level of language skills
Possibly longer contracts
World Teach ( The original program I applied for that I would suggest above all else)
17 Countries
Year, Semester, or Summer
Through ministries, programs, universities, or specialized education groups
Actual lead instructor, but no teaching experience required
Many fees returned at the end of your stay

Options to move forward long-term

Looking for a long-term, more than two years, contracted job abroad then check-out the following:
USA  Government Jobs that move you abroad, tech or teaching usually
Peace Corps
Au Pair
Attending University abroad, probably going to be cheaper if not free and their are so many programs available!
Guys I hope this helps you get started, remember it's going to cost money to get settled abroad, so it's probably helpful that while you're on the internet for hours searching away you'll also be saving plenty of money. Don't give up, had I given up when the first program I was accepted to (a wonderful one in America Samoa) said there just weren't enough positions open, so welcome to the waitlist I wouldn't have had my Spanish adventure.
Get to searching, don't be afraid to e-mail bloggers or ex-program participants- ask questions and make your goals happen!
Until next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, and Be blessed  . . .

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