Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Mother, Hello Father

So an understood secret of being an AUX is that at some point you will probably have to move back in with the Parental Units. Whether you're a student coming out of college who has no place to stay, a young adult whose lease is up before you head-up, or an adult who has decided that selling their property is the best bet moving in with the parents before or after you leave is highly possible.
As someone who has lived alone for the last four years moving all of my necessary items into the guest room and sharing a bathroom with my fourteen year old sister is a bit shell shocking. For me AND them.  All those routines and little quirks they have were clashing with the ones I had, but on the other hand I'm really enjoying spending copious amounts of time with the folks I'm going to miss most.

One of the biggest things I'm curious about when I move to Spain is living with a roommate. I have not had a roommate since I was 19 and always said the next one I had would be my husband, but it looks like Spain may change all of that. Most of the available places are rented by room not entire apartment and it's highly likely I'll end up living with 2-3 other strangers. While I did find a wonderful, I mean dang that's nice, apartment that's a one bedroom I feel my social life needs a boost and it's just so easy to go home and lock the door.
I'm not making any decisions until I arrive, but I cannot help, but wonder how this is all going to work out. Either way I'm sure I'll have some funny stories to go along with my adventures. I would love to hear about your funny or crazy roommate stories, feel free to share in the comments section!

Until next time . . . Adios, Hasta Pronto, and Be Blessed.


  1. I have NEVER had a roommate, so I guess I'll be coming to you for advice when I get one... and it will be my husband. :)

  2. If it's your husband I can't help you there just yet, but I'm sure the compromising is a little more fun!