Monday, July 29, 2013

Flying Crazy

Honest to goodness, I have weird travel habits and often find myself looking forward to a flight for various reasons. I've flown overseas a few times and cross country a few more, so I've seen my fare share of the crazy, cool and unexpected (hello pilot being escorted off the plane).

 This trip to Spain I've focused plenty of my energy on thoughtful planning. Everything has been done with the memory of some horrible event that occurred on a different trip and making sure that nothing similar happens again. Such as last year flying to Latvia, I was having to match my flights with the group I was traveling with even though Houston was my home city and Fort Worth was their home city. The first lay-over in Frankfurt involved me being one of those running airport folk, in panic mode because everything was in German I was unaware until the last moment that the gate had changed. On the way home my lay-over in the same airport was eight hours, I slept on and off, tried to prevent a theft (failed) and had was starving by the time the plane took-off.

This time I'm flying through Heathrow ( English) , have the same terminal for my second flight, and my lay-over at best is 4 hours ( in airport time that's really three at the most). I also decided to go with British Airways for many reasons. So this time I would know where my luggage pick-up was located ( hello Greece and Italy), when I've flown British before the leg room was the best I've ever had, the Brits take jet-lag serious and all their in-flight food is suppose to help your body adjust well, and finally I had great shopping the last time I was in Heathrow! Being as this is the first international flight I've ever taken completely by myself for the entire duration, I cannot help, but plan and research to prepare myself in the safest way. In all the planning, I've discovered the films and shows that will be showing on my flight to London and I've already planned out my viewing schedule since little known fact about me, I cannot sleep on long flights ( short yes, out like a TKO) so the entertainment is important.

 Gangster Squad: I heard this was underrated goodness with some nice history AND Ryan Gosling.
 A Late Quarter: I read about this movie somewhere and just love Philip Seymour Hoffman.
 Admission: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, you're probably wondering why this is not first and that's because I'll need some funny after all the drama.

Epic: I heard this was so cute AND how funny was the snail in those commercials.
 Call of the Midwife: This is a television series, but a good one I've been wanting to check-out.
 A Good Day to Die Hard: The pick me up action I'll need around the end of the flight.
 Jack the Giant Slayer: I love the retelling of Traditional Fiction.
At this point I should have safely landed and am exiting the plan at warp speed since I refuse to use the restrooms on planes ( horrible experience the first time, cannot ever relive that moment).
Let me know, what do you guys look forward to on flights or absolutely hate about flights. Even better I'd love to hear your crazy flying stories!

Until next time . . . Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed.

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