Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You do What? And what is the exactly?

Many people have asked what exactly I'll be doing in Spain since if you actually Google the job description for a Language and Cultural Assistant you will get numerous answers both professional and blogger defined. Here's what I've gathered:


Language and Cultural Assistant :

  • Aide teachers in helping students develop English speaking and reading skills with an improved level of comprehension.
  • Aide teachers in developing a strong understanding of cultural characteristics in many English speaking countries.
  • British (Proper) English will be the English spoken and taught.
    • I realize some my balk at that "proper" statement, but think back to the original geographical locations and education of our founding countrymen along with many of our ancestors that followed. Those are the folks who developed American English.
  • You must work twelve (12) hours a week.
    • I realize that is not overwhelming, but being as I sometimes worked 80hr weeks here in the U.S. I'm A.OKAY with the lesser amount of hours.
  • Teachers and the Bilingual Coordinator will decide how to utilize your talents.
    • This could mean you have your own classes.
    • This could me you work as a translator.
    • This could me you work as a dictionary.
    • So many options!
  • You are classified as a students and paid with a stipend.
That's the most concise description I can provide from all my (many, many, many) researched readings. It could be possible that I start work and find myself in a completely different situation. Honestly the best descriptions have come from bloggers, as has much of the information I'm using to prepare myself.
Being as I'm a teacher, that's what my name means and what makes my soul happy I will not fair well as a human dictionary, but sadly I feel that a lot of what you do depends on the work ethic, knowledge, Spanish skills and Teaching Skills of the souls who came before you. Which is why I'm e-mailing my coordinator and director as soon as possible to clarify my goals and intent- which is to teach children. I'll be keeping you posted on how this all works out obviously, hopefully to the best benefit of the students- any advice is welcome.
Until next time . . . Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed.

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