Monday, June 17, 2013

How You Plannin' to Do?

So many questions about Spain and my new occupation. Everyone has the same curiosities and I feel like an unoriginal broken record, but honestly I'm still in one part of my life while everyone is trying to force the door closed and have tea and gossip in the next room. And while I would love to join you all for the sit down, I do have priorities and responsibilities in the present.
 But as I've said before, what the people want they get just like a pushy interview/TV personality wanting all the dirty details on a scandal. Which is why I've decided to channel Ms. Wendy Williams and look a little into the future.
 I doubt she's serving tea, but I know the food is good.
How You Doin'!

Fake Wendy Williams: Welcome, Miss Lady! So Spain . . . oh girl!

Me: Yes, totally unexpected and definitely not where I said I'd be a year- three month ago, but in less than four months my new home.

FWW: So a husband, definitely on the look out for a husband?

Me: Ha! Honestly, that's a large leap considering it would mostly likely mean permanent residence in Spain since I'm the one who has already moved to his country. But a relationship is a possibility, not going to rule that out. I've been single and overworked for the last two years, it would be a nice routine shake-up. Plus what better way to immerse myself and learn the language.

FWW: Honey, I doubt learning the language will be your priority once you see all those beautiful men.
Please let this man be in my future city. Oh and of course he's dressed well.
Madrid, Barcelona, please just be in Spain.
FWW: Speaking of, how do you plan on learning how to roll you "r's" properly and learn how to make everything sound sexy?
Me: I'm starting a Rosetta Stone type program over the summer, while holding weekly scheduled conversations with friends whose native languages is Spanish. Also, taking Spanish classes once I move to Spain. And plenty of Spanish friends once I move their, it's why I chose to live in the city instead of the Pueblo.
FWW: Look at you girl, plannin' I though you were still teaching students?
Me: I am, to the best of my and their desires for summer to get here already I am, but I'm a planner. I firmly believe planning will only take you so far, but man can it take you places. It's just a difficulty balancing act planning, teaching, moving and paperwork. Paper work every direction I turn.
FWW: Has your planning paid off in finding a place to live.
Me: I will not sign a contract for a place until I am actually in Spain, but I have started looking. Everything is Ikea furnished.
FWW: That cheap, but durable place, love 'em. Do you at least know who you're living with?
Me: Right now I'm thinking it would be convenient to live with people I meet through the program for numerous reason, but that all depends on the personalities I meet through the program. I've also found some places with Spanish roommate options, but the language barrier could be a hindrance. Living alone is not an option since I need to meet people and socialize.
FWW: Nothing like arguing over dishes in two different languages. What about your school, I'm sure you are excited to meet your fellow teachers.
Me:  Yes, working on contacting them now. I'll be teaching at a Secondary school in Baeza and they have had the program since 2005. While the profile states Assistants in the past have felt under accessed, I hope to prove I'm capable of teaching what is needed to benefit the students.
Yes, children are learning in this beautiful building.

FWW: We're talking about once you get there, BUT how in the world are you actually getting there- when do you leave?
Me: Right now the plan is to fly into Madrid, since it's about $500.00 cheaper and then train into Seville. I was wanting to leave early, but my family may or may not lock me in a closest at that suggestion. I'll be buying a ticket a little closer to the leave date, September 1 and compare price from their. But I figure a train would be a nice way to see the sites.
FWW: A train ride, how Europe or Spain. So romantic- maybe you'll meet that Spanish Immersion partner on the train ride. Everyone has goals in life and at certain life stages, tell me yours?

Me: Improve my Spanish, despite 3 years in high school and 3 semesters in college I know very little. I'm working over the summer on the basics and know my conversation will come along fine. Learn a more efficient and nurturing way to teach English as a Foreign Language then I've currently been apart.

FWW: Oh, the old comparison between the countries- who plays the game better!

Me: No each country has it's own education system developed from the social, economic, and cultural standards. Each will have their own pros and cons, but to compare would be a waste of time.

FWW: And you don't have time to waste, honey. Spain is calling. Any others?
Me: While travel is a goal it is not my main focus. I'm wanting to use this year as a transition into laying the foundation for certain career goals.

FWW: Wait, are the rumors and bets of your family true- are you not planning on coming back.

Me: That all depends on how the next, highly unpredictable year goes. I have looked into a few international job fairs, but as far as my next work option goes only time will tell.
FWW: Well, I wish you nothing but luck and remember be yourself, even if yourself is butchering the language and eating way too much food, honey it's your life!
Until Next time!
Hope I answered all your questions, if not comment and I'll definitely respond unfortunately not via Fake Wendy Williams though.
Until next time . . .Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed.

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