Friday, May 30, 2014

Life in Spain: Travel Done Right

This is so quick and easy. A short little post that gets straight to the point.
Let's be real honest, the appeal of working and living in a European country isn't just the different culture. 
It's all the different cultures that are now a short, cheap plan or train ride away. So here's three hard earned tips I giving you directly from someone who has traveled every which way and then some.
1.) Use all your free time to research, research and research!
No matter what type of traveler you are you need to at least know how you are getting to where you are headed, places to stay in your price range, and if the place your headed is having any political or social conflicts at the time of your travels.
Your head just did a three sixty on that last thing to know, but honestly it's the most important. I'm not jumping on a soap box or planning to list out all the horror stories, I'm just stating the truth: The World is in Constant Change! When I visited Italy almost ten years ago the people hadn't gone through a recession and all the woes it brings to a persons life, but by this year they had and their tired of depending on
tourist and scraping to get by.
The atmosphere and the people were different, struggles change the people of a country. It's good to know what the people you'll be interacting with have been through lately.  And on a lighter note, knowing your transportation and lodgings ahead of time can save you a large amount of cash because last minute booking is rarely cost efficient.

2.) What Attracts You to the Destination
Why are you heading to where you want to end up. For me the answer is always to eat good food. Honestly, if you ask me about my visit to Bayou, France I'm about to make your mouth water from all the good eats I inhaled not the Tapestry museum I visited.
Some people just want to say they've been to a place and walk the streets. Others have a list of attractions that they must see and take numerous photos of or it's not a good trip at all.
Knowing your travel goals helps everything run smoother even when hiccups occur and they will occur.

Travel ain'tt cheap. At one point , right before the 80s probably the cost of travel fit with the cost of living and earning that was the standard for most folks. That's not the case these days.
There are so many ways to travel and attractions to draw people in that not only can it be overwhelming, but also the fees can start adding up. If you plan to be a big traveler when living abroad then don't live like a king when not traveling- penny pinch and save.
 Also, a budget matters, so have one for food, shopping and emergency for certain.

Hope these travel tips help you, feel free to check out my travel guides over Madrid, Barcelona, and Holiday travel to get you started along with some research Helpers for the planning. Also here's the great I guide I used for Bayeux! Feel free to leave tips in the comments that you've learned from your own travel experiences.

Until Next time, Adios, Hasta Pronto, and Be blessed . . .

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