Monday, November 4, 2013

Write Me Something, Anything Real

Toni Morrison at work.
This blog is just a piece of my thoughts or mind, your pick. It is not my entire writing ability, my complete thought process, or every bit of goings on from my daily life. Truly, you are taking part of the literal version of snap chat when reading a blog. Just a moment. No more.
Usually that works just fine for me honestly, I do plenty of my fiction writing in my free time that  I'm not bothered, but things have changed. There are so many things going on, I'm not able to free-write like I would prefer and due to my accepting the Independent Blogger Internship for CIEE I try to streamline this blog to aide future participants.
 What's a girl to do when the writing situation gets a little scrambled. Simple Journal. Instead of searching out random wisp of thoughts in my head I've decided to use a few prompts.
My new baby journal, so great! Mama loves you!
My journal is divide into sketch pages and lined paper. My first decision was to participate in "What I'm Thankful For" for every day of November. One sentence followed by a brief paragraph of explanation then I'm done. Next I answer a question from the following journal prompt page.
 There is prompt per day and the entire series for every month was designed to answer the same question for five years straight. Interesting.  
As for the sketch pages, once a week I have to sketch a drawing of what is consuming my life for the moment. The other days I have to choose a prompt from one of the following prompt generators. All prompt generators can be found on my Pinterest page, "Let's Have Some Fun". Stop on by for links to more!

 Not too creative I understand, but man am I excited to just write. So very excited.
Any suggestions for writing prompts feel free to add them or even share about your own writing preferences. All of you moving towards becoming Language Assistants next year, are you keeping a pre-trip journal? If so what do you find yourself writing about most?
Until Next time, Hasta Pronto, Adios, Be Blessed . . .

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